Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Storyboard Development.


I picked fun, youth and sun for my three words. So I have looked at things that you like to do when your a child and an adult. I have concentrated on biking, roller skating ( you hear about every body roller blading in L.A and places like that) and kites.


Ride A Bike.

I have included bikes because it is something people of all ages like to do on a hot summers day. I however don't think I will use biking in my animation.   

This is my favorite, a little girl is riding down the hill with people watching, there's a ramp, she jumps it. She does three summer salts and stop to poke her tongue out at her unwanted crowd.

Fly A Kite


When you go to a British beach there full of shops selling, floats, blow ups, sweets, and KITES!! I always remember going to the beach with my family and us buying a kite and flying it all day on the beach, but it would always crash and break and you would have to get another one.


I've included clips from Mary Poppings because it has a hole song devoted to kite flying, not just children, but adults and old men!


Character Design.

I have made these characters using EVA foam and felt.

Flying a kite is not just something I liked to do when I was a child, its something you like doing as an adult as well, and I'm sure there are many other people that like to take there children to the beach and pretend there buying a kite for there children but its really for themselves.

I have done a simpler version, this is similar to the Kate Nash video, I really like it. I could do this as a flip book, cell animation or stop motion. I also think it might be a nice touch to do this in sand.    

The clip of music I would use for the above kite animation.


The Storyboard for this animation and music.

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