Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Music Video's For Inspiration.

I love this video, it's so simple, cute and lovely. The music seems to be sad but the lyrics are beautiful and the animation compliments that. It is a stop motion animation, I could use this it would create a great final piece. 


Again the animations are beautiful and compliments the music but it is very different to the Kate Nash one as it includes real life and animation. This could be a lovely effect on my piece, I am thinking of beaches for my piece I may be able to do an animation in sand? That would incorporate the real life aspect.


This video is completely animated and done on the computer, it is deliberately made to look pixelated. Its a great animation it completely fits the music, very upbeat playful and fun.


This animation by Hed Kandi's designer Jason Brook's its great and I have included it because of the beach theme, parting, drinking having fun and being young, which all fit with my music. However I don't think I would use this idea in my peice.


Gorillaz is a perfect example for inspiration for this project because the band is completely animated! Its not a real band, the music is mostly electronic the voice is adjusted using computers, there are no people representing this band, just characters created for it.


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